Bass Plating offers zinc, chemical films, or tin plating, aluminum anodizing and etching, or stainless steel passivating, precision finishing with a responsive delivery schedule and hands-on customer service.

Specialists in rack plating, Bass Plating offers superior processing for high volume and large pieces. 

Bass Plating precision plating specialist, has been providing high quality rack and barrel metal finishing since 1950.


  • Rack, barrel, or basket
  • Clear, Blue-Bright, Yellow, Black, Olive-Drab
  • ROHS compliant: Clear, Yellow, Black

Chemical Films

  • Rack or barrel
  • Conversion coatings on Aluminum
  • Clear, Yellow
  • ROHS compliant: Clear


  • 45,000 square foot facility
  • 7 automated rack lines
  • 3 automated barrel lines
  • Parts up to 8' in length  

Customer Service

  • Fast and responsive turnaround
  • Daily pickup and delivery in CT
  • Pickup and delivery in MA, RI, and NY by appointment
  • Logistics support outside of delivery area
  • Phone/fax/email orders   

​Bright Tin Plating

  • Rack or barrel

Aluminum Anodizing 

  • Clear, Black

Aluminum Etching

  • Rack or barrel

Stainless Steel Passivating

  • Rack or barrel

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