Bass Plating precision plating specialist, has been providing high quality rack and barrel metal finishing since 1950.

​Bright or Dull Tin Plating

  • Rack or barrel

Aluminum Anodizing 

  • Clear, Black

Aluminum Etching

  • Rack or barrel

Stainless Steel Passivating

  • Rack or barrel

Bass Plating offers zinc, chemical films, or tin plating, aluminum anodizing and etching, or stainless steel passivating, precision finishing with a responsive delivery schedule and hands-on customer service.

Specialists in rack plating, Bass Plating offers superior processing for high volume and large pieces. 


  • Rack, barrel, or basket
  • Clear, Blue-Bright, Yellow, Black, Olive-Drab
  • ROHS compliant: Clear, Yellow, Black

Chemical Films

  • Rack or barrel
  • Conversion coatings on Aluminum
  • Clear, Yellow
  • ROHS compliant: Clear


  • 45,000 square foot facility
  • 7 automated rack lines
  • 2 automated barrel lines
  • Parts up to 8' in length  

Customer Service

  • Fast and responsive turnaround
  • Daily pickup and delivery in CT
  • Pickup and delivery in MA, RI, and NY by appointment
  • Logistics support outside of delivery area
  • Phone/fax/email orders   

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